We perceive architecture, art, design and communication as equal parts of a project. Together these elements form a unique language that will narrate its body and soul.

Our creative and constructive processes are innovative and global. No matter the scale or scope, we work with the same level of intensity in order to direct talent where it is needed and achieve extraordinary results. 

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We carry out all our projects, from start to finish, using BIM (Building Information Modeling) and following IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) methodology. These tools allow us to optimize the design process by forward projecting all the necessary skills and disciplines. They allow us the freedom to find innovative solutions for all scales – from architecture to small bespoke details that add value to interior design. 

We generate a digital replica of the project that we load onto the exclusive BIMUx ® platform and share with our clients. They have complete control over their project, anytime and anywhere. 

Using the BIMUx ® dashboard, our clients can easily access all the data they need to carry out informed and accurate actions in their assets portfolio.


Our versatility allows us to find solutions suited to any type of project. We interact with our client, take ownership of their needs and convert them into innovative solutions – a win-win for all.

The greater the challenge, the better the result


We have a specialized team adept at optimizing FF&E and OS&E procurement processes that will free up resources and maximize ROI in global design. 

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