LOGRAN fuses the architecture and engineering capacities of BOD with the creative and artistic talent of LAGRANJA. Its aim is to successfully fulfill every client demand. 

Together, we unite the container with content, the heart with the head, and design with engineering to create emotional and functional spaces that truly respond to the requirements of all stakeholders.  

With offices in both Barcelona and Madrid, we have over 55 years of accumulated experience in co-creating design. Together with IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) methodology based in BIM, we can guarantee to make even the most unique project a reality.  

Javier Bartolomé


Gerard Sanmartí


Jose Ignacio Ortiz


Gabriele Schiavon


Laura Díaz


Álvaro de Prado

Head of Architecture

Jose Manuel Fernández

Head of Interior Design

Óscar Albarrán

Head of Headquarters, Hotels & Retail Spaces

Verónica Guisasola Muñis

Head of BoQ & Construction Mgmt

Oscar Cabana

Head of Electrical Engineering

Ignacio Moscoso del Prado

Head of Structural Engineering.

Juan Ángel Vázquez

Head of Mechanical Engineering

Maria Ruiz Ulibarri

Head of Product Design

José Ortiz

Industrial Engineer

Álvaro López

Industrial Engineer

Maxi de Diego

Electrical Engineer

Lucía Fox

Industrial Engineer

Manoel Eijo

Senior Lead Architect

Ignacio Urribarri

Senior Architect

Javier Sánchez

Senior Lead Architect

Valle Herrador

Senior Architect

Iván de la Guía


Pablo González

Digital Services PM

Javier Romo

Office Assistant

Nuria Candil


José M° Martinez

Finances & Accounting

Mar Carrasco

Senior PM

Ana Peña


Jaime Sainz


Marcos Sánchez

MEP BIM Manager

Cristina Ortiz


Jorge Martínez

BIM Modeller

Esther Llamas

BIM Modeller

Laura Ortiz

Senior Lead Architect

Anna Mercader

Senior Interior Designer

Carmen Chanes

Industrial Engineer

Juan Luis Córdoba

Senior PM

Jordi Catalina

Senior Designer

Álex Palán

Digital Services

Victoria García

Digital Services

María Berges

Senior Architect

Begoña Arana

Senior PM

Isabel Collado

Senior Lead Architect

Ángel Abruña

Senior Lead Architect

Alberto Barattucci

Senior Architect

Borja Briongos


Mariola Carranza

Fire Safety

Domenica Laura Echeverría

Junior Architect and CGI

Marcos Hernández

BoQ & Construction Mgmt

Jhonatan Orlando Aguirre

Junior Product Designer

Edu Vila Romero

Content Creator & Communication

Marilo Vila

Office Manager

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